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Yoga For Back Pain | Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs

I have been teaching these courses for a few years and am still amazed at how much this course helps those with back conditions. I have had students under the supervison of their doctor come off long term medication, gain more mobility and generally improve their day to day life.
This is an evidence based course ( as featured on "The Tonight Show" ) to improve back health & function. It aims to help people get back to being more active.

You will learn simple, gentle yoga targeting back comfort, good posture & improvements of back health for now & the future.
The University of York ran one of the largest yoga research studies funded by Arthritis UK. They ran specialized courses in 5 areas of the UK. The positive results showing it to be safe & effective were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
During 12 months studied, those in the yoga group had an average of 3.83 days of work compared to 12.29 in the non~yoga group.

How the course works? – initially teaching simple pain-relieving positions and strategies; progressing gradually with strengthening and stretching poses and movements, designed to improve flexibility, mobility and posture; breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Alongside the classes you will need to invest in the resource pack to work with in between our weekly classes to really feel the benefits from the course.

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Who is YHLB suitable for ?

  • Those who want to learn to help themselves.
  • Those who like the prospect of learning methods for “getting back control of their back condition”
  • Those looking for a kind and gentle, person-centred approach.
  • Those whose back pain has become chronic, e.g. persistent pain or pain that is there the majority of the time.
  • Those whose back pain comes and goes (recurring/ episodic), e.g. several bouts each year.  Don’t wait until your next episode of bad back pain – start now.
  • Anyone prepared to commit to weekly classes, which teach you to incorporate some yoga skills into your daily life.
  • Holistic approach – so particularly beneficial for those who have:
  1. stress / emotional factors (which may be contributing to back pain experience)
  2. injuries or health conditions that prevent participation in other exercise or sports
  3. multiple conditions, e.g. headaches, hip replacement, high blood pressure (your teacher will show you modifications for maximum holistic benefit).
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What to Expect:

  • No previous experience of yoga is necessary; but it can offer those with yoga experience more subtle knowledge of lifelong best practice methods (“optimum rather than maximum”).
  • You will not be asked to do anything which your body or mind is not comfortable with.
  • Not just for fitness fanatics, i.e. it is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels! (but note that it can help fitness fanatics get back to their favourite sports!)
  • Yoga is a philosophy (i.e. as well as helping your back pain, it can show a positive way of living, but it is not a religion)
  • No complicated, challenging or advanced yoga, i.e. no Olympic gymnastics!